Jeremy Austill
  • Some people are gifted at picking the right line to wait in. Call it favor, intuition or dumb luck, but some have a knack for identifying the line in which they should stand to get done faster. As for me, that skill set is not in my repertoire.
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  • I will admit it…my wife and I like “reality TV”. Specifically we watch Survivor and Big Brother. I’m sure the amount of “reality” is minimal, nonetheless they are a guilty pleasure. A few nights ago we were watching an episode of Big Brother.
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  • A dear friend of mine recently shared one of my quotes on Facebook. What happened next surprised me. One of his friends rebuked my quote…right there for everyone to see. The guy doesn’t know me, had never heard of me, and had absolutely no
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  • I stood in my daughter’s room this morning looking at the pictures of her with various Disney princesses. These photos were taken over three years ago. She was adorable, as she is today. Parents you can identify with what I was feeling The
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  • Life is full of transition. Whether it be the “pack up everything you own and move to a different state” transition, the “I am taking a job in the same field at a different company across town” transition, or the more simple “I’m
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  • This week I have posted a few times about the book I have written. I shared what the editor said about the manuscript, I asked for additional followers for this page and I shared the first draft of the book cover. I will admit, each post has
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  • I don’t claim a green thumb. My dad was a gardener by hobby. His flower beds were always lush, his garden bursting with produce and his property adorned with precisely placed trees and plants which complimented one another wonderfully. His home,
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  • Humility has roots… In the Gospel of John, chapter 13, we come to the account of Jesus humbling himself to wash his disciples’ feet. Before he got up from the table, disrobed and stooped to the floor, something was resolute in his heart. He
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  • It is surprising how a slight interruption on the road to somewhere can remind you of why you are even on the road in the first place. Let me explain. Recently I was traversing the Kentucky landscape en route to a speaking engagement. Time was
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Jeremy Austill

Thank you for visiting my site. In recent years I have sensed the assignment of my life gravitating toward investing in the soul health and rich spiritual formation of God's people. Through the art of writing, it is my hope to befriend you and join you on a journey toward all that Jesus makes available for those the Father calls sons and daughters.

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