Let Your Heart Go Free – Jeremy Austill

Let Your Heart Go Free

Jesus is better than you first believed!
Many church attending Jesus believers have expressed sincere concern that they live well short of the abundant life Jesus afforded them via the cross and empty grave. Let Your Heart Go Free expresses that deep longing to see men and women know legitimate freedom. The term freedom is typically attached to the ability to abstain from inappropriate behavior. For most, the idea of freedom centers more on behavior modification than true, internal liberation. However, many genuine God-loving people still wrestle with the same cravings, insecurities, fears, sorrows, lusts, anger, and frustration that plagued them upon conversion. 
As Jeremy explores the introduction of Jesus in the gospel of John, you will discover there are certain inalienable rights bestowed upon those who have “believed and accepted” Him. This book is about recalibrating your thinking of who Jesus is and what he has made available through His passion, resurrection, and ascension. This book is about thinking better of Jesus and ultimately becoming free through this renewed thinking.


“I believe you are holding this book in your hands because your own searching heart has caused you to reach out for the ‘more of God.’ With the wisdom of an experienced guide and the familiarity of a brother, Jeremy Austill will lead you through the door and walk you into unknown places of the heart.” Karen Wheaton (Singer, Worship Leader, Minister and Founder of The Ramp in Hamilton, Alabama)
“Jeremy is a rare individual who believes wholeheartedly God is worth the pursuit. His life backs it up and his words in his new book are an invitation to catch a fresh glimpse of your true purpose. I have personally witnessed his heart run free and, for that, I invite you to walk the similar path with him, with me, and the rest who are desperate for the face of God.” Heath Adamson (Chief of Staff at Convoy of Hope, Author, Speaker)
A dynamic book from a dear friend… Jeremy has penned a powerful revelation that comes like a stream in the desert to a weary traveler, weaving together the beauty and goodness of God in a deep, soul-liberating way.
Open up. Breathe deep. Be changed.
Casey Doss (Pastor of Hope Unlimited Church in Knoxville, TN, Speaker, and Blogger)
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