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  • Can we talk candidly for a moment? I am taking a bit of a risk. I am hurling myself at a bit of a “sacred cow” in churchdom, especially among those called to places of influence and authority in the Body of Christ. So here it
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  • Yesterday the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught on fire. The structure, over 800 years old, was engulfed in flames. Meaningful relics, beautiful art, historic documents, and walls that have reverberated the expressions of hundreds of
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  • Can we talk for a minute? Like really talk? I want to go on record… I love the church. I love the local church. I love the church abroad. I love the rural church. I love the metropolitan church. I love the small church. I love the
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  • In general, I’m not a risk taker. I was a first born child, reared to be cautious and ever cognizant of danger. I don’t necessarily have a fear of heights. I’m not claustrophobic. I’m not whatever you call it if you are
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  • Humility has roots… “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6) “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.” (James 4:10) If you have been following Jesus long, you
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  • I spent the weekend immersed in defeat. First, my beloved Tennessee Vols, formerly the #1 ranked basketball team in the country, were vehemently ambushed by the Kentucky Wildcats. It was brutal…like watching a train crash into a herd of
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  • Each generation has likely shared similar thoughts through the ages. In every generation there is some variation of an effort to captivate the hearts and minds of children. Our time, this moment is no different. As the sensory bombardment of the
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  • HOME… Though experiences vary, home should be… Where we lie down and rise again. Where we enter freely. Where we know and are known. Where we grow and from where we go. Where we are nurtured and corrected. Where we learn and mature. Where we
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  • I love beginnings. Most of us love a good beginning, even if it is humble and requires a little hard work. Unlike a good percentage of the population, I also have an unusual affection for endings. Through the years we have said
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  • **Disclaimer: A friend encouraged me to add a disclaimer to the top of this entry. Please read the entire blog. If you stop after my first thought, you will miss my heart on the matter. Basically, read it all, or don’t read any of it. I
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Jeremy Austill

Thank you for visiting my site. In recent years I have sensed the assignment of my life gravitating toward investing in the soul health and rich spiritual formation of God's people. Through the art of writing, it is my hope to befriend you and join you on a journey toward all that Jesus makes available for those the Father calls sons and daughters.

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  • Well, over a week later, 2 X-Rays, and a CT Scan...slight fracture in his elbow. But he is pumped about his camo cast 💪🏼
  • This was the summer of 1996 at Camp Jackson. Michelle and I were on again, off again dating during this season of our lives. Today, this spot is where our children frequently play in the water-hose and on the basketball court in the background. For 50 Summers people have pilgrimaged to that property with no idea how that present moment would impact their future. Those two kids in this picture had no clue about this new little boy and girl, and how they would tread the same ground.
  • Today marks 20 years of marriage to my precious wife. It’s quite possible to progress into deeper, and deeper, depths of love, affection, admiration, appreciation, and honor. Michelle Austill has been there for every sorrow, every battle, every disappointment, every dream fulfilled, and every celebration...WITH me every way possible...WITH me to the full.
  • My people... 😍
  • Bless him. 😕
But he has been tough about it 💪🏼
  • What does the “worthy” life look like? ✅Always humble
✅Always gentle
✅Make allowances for other’s faults
✅Fighting for unity & peace
✅Perpetually growing in Christ
✅Being kind
✅Being Tenderhearted
✅Forgiving others
✅A standard of holiness (Ephesians 4)

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