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  • Last week I spent a couple of blog entries talking about the value of intentionally, diligently establishing healthy thought patterns. At the conclusion of this entry you can hit the links to read those pieces. “Remember the Sabbath and
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  • I referenced in a blog I wrote yesterday, that rather than setting goals, I prefer to diligently cultivate specific thought patterns. You can read my reasoning HERE. A couple of reasons I value a well cultivated thought process over a well
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  • January 2020 was but a vapor, and now we continue into February. How are you doing on those New Year Resolutions? Before you hang your head in shame, or lift your chin in pride, I am offering neither a rebuke nor a well done. Rather, now that
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  • I will readily admit, in the overarching sense, sports are meaningless. With the exception of those whose career is in the sports industry, sports do not put more food on our table, nor do they change the trajectory of our future (eternity
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  • A couple of nights ago Michelle and I were watching a special about Garth Brooks. Let me make the disclaimer now, there are many of Garth’s life decisions and songs that I do not validate nor support. However, I am intrigued by people who
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  • A couple of nights ago I sat on the couch, warmly snuggled up with my 9 year old and 8 year old under my favorite blanket. The faux fireplace was roaring, my Santa coffee mug filled with delicious warmth, and the Christmas feels wafting
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  • Like most males, I consider myself a bit of a “grill master”. A time or two each week I fire up the charcoal, work up a little bit of smoke, and cook on my simple Weber grill. A common meal at our home is steak (typically a succulent
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  • Ok, the title was a bit of click bait, but I may very well fall into the category of being a worship leader’s worst nightmare. I have so much respect for our friends who have patiently worked with us through the years. People like Heather
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Jeremy Austill

Thank you for visiting my site. In recent years I have sensed the assignment of my life gravitating toward investing in the soul health and rich spiritual formation of God's people. Through the art of writing, it is my hope to befriend you and join you on a journey toward all that Jesus makes available for those the Father calls sons and daughters.

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  • “WITHness”
  • A vlog derived from a heavy heart and Psalm 127
  • I say this with love, and a thread of grief in my heart...
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Our dear friend @heathadamson has released his new book, #TheSacredChase and it is available now!
I have know Heath for a number of years. I can confidently say he has the authority to speak on the subject of personal devotion and cultivating a deep relationship with Jesus.
You can find it on Amazon. His publisher is @readbakerbooks
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All our usual markers of productivity have been altered...
Use the time to dig a well...
A well of intimacy, a well of revelation...
Dig a well now, that you can drink from later.

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