When Christmas Ends (It’s Awful) – Jeremy Austill
When Christmas Ends          (It’s Awful)

I love beginnings. Most of us love a good beginning, even if it is humble and requires a little hard work. Unlike a good percentage of the population, I also have an unusual affection for endings. Through the years we have said “good-bye” to some wonderful people. We have concluded rich seasons of ministry with many tears. Yet the crying was wholesome, healthy and prospered the soul. Every summer, after everyone has left the property for the last time, I stand alone on the platform at camp looking at an empty room. There is a beauty in the silence of a room once filled with a roar. Endings have a romantic air about them. There is a blessing wrapped in the transition…endings have a hallowed nature. 

Having said all of the above, there is one ending I pretty much hate every single year…

When Christmas ends…it’s awful.

In the days following Christmas I stare at the evergreen in our foyer with an unquenchable ache in my heart. The stockings, hung across the mantle with care, provoke a measure of somber unlike any the rest of the year. For days after December 25th (sometimes a couple weeks), I will still turn on the warm white outdoor lights, desperately clinging to the final vestiges of the most wonderful time of the year.

Beginnings and endings…

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

If you ever wondered how Christmas, Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit feel about beginnings and endings, stay with me. But allow me to preface with this disclaimer…you can’t box God in with one line of thought. God is so vast in expanse, He can simultaneously be synced with multiple lines of thought.

We are well versed in the real Christmas story…thousands of years of prophecy, incarnation via virgin birth, no room at an inn, and angels heard on high. It’s as if the entirety of history hinged on this one moment. If not the birth of Jesus alone, without a doubt the birth, life, death and resurrection…a 33(ish) year time span upon which everything before and everything since swings from.

The “arrival” of Jesus was both a culmination, a completion, AND a beginning, and this is God…no true beginnings or endings…only a perpetual continuation of His plan. While we may view a season “ending”, God more likely views it as our life continuing. While we see something new as a beginning, God more likely sees it as a next step in a lifetime of steps…a sovereign progression. 

The beauty of no beginnings or endings is the realization that our lives, and all that is around us, are not compartmentalized segments. We measure our lives in chronological time…years, months, weeks…In reality we are on a continuum, every moment linked to all those prior and all those to come. 

Why is this important? Consider Jesus…

Jesus didn’t just show up on the scene because the calendar finally hit the right date…the right moment. He was always coming…journeying through time, set into motion since before the foundations of the world. The same is true in your life…the same is true of God’s promises for you…

They aren’t waiting to begin…they have already begun.

They don’t have an ending…they keep resonating long after they appear.

They are already on the road…

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