Neither the Lesser – Jeremy Austill
Neither the Lesser

Sometimes oceans split and we walk right through…

Sometimes we scale majestic mountains and gain a breathtaking view…

Sometimes the Lord does a miracle before our eyes…

Sometimes we have to strain to attain new highs…

Both require faith…

Neither the lesser.

Faith is tricky. It’s a concept that skews toward being abstract, yet has some concrete principles. In part it is attained, in part received. In part seized, in part graced. With faith you hold on and let go. Faith empowers us to ascend new heights and to submit to new lows. It is incongruent with doubt, yet strong enough to live along side it. Faith is both grand in scope and minute in detail. It is fantastic, majestic, beautiful, yet shockingly grounded in the elementary and mundane.

Often in our desire for dogma, in our longing for manageable, maneuverable, and manipulatable, we attempt to box faith in to a particular protocol. Faith fails to cooperate. When we are certain we have precisely memorized the formula, life swoops in and causes us to re-think everything we thought we knew.

What is my point?

The brief poem at the opening of this entry offers a subtle hint.

Faith is the weapon in our hands, leveraged for an assault on that which is is contrary to the goodness and will of God. Faith is our sledgehammer, swung for toppling the mountains impeding our progress. The stone slung at the giants attempting to abort our destiny. The axe wielded to sever the root of that which is illegitimately growing around us.

Faith is what we extend to eradicate sickness, invoke provision, remove impediments, call disorder into order, arrest wayward souls…to change circumstances.

Faith is the currency of heaven for the manifestation of miracles.

Faith is also what gives our feet purchase when our world is shaking. The warm comfort in the cold of night. The stamina to endure an arduous journey. The rest in the tumult of crashing waves and tossing seas. The hint of laughter in the shedding of tears.

Faith is the firm foundation upon which a life is built to withstand the oncoming assailments.

Faith is the first step when certainty is absent. The “yes” before the results are secured. The grit to put one foot in front of the other, over and over again. The long tenured obedience of one who is convinced. The going without seeing.

Faith is the driving force to take hold of that which is available.

Faith is contending for a miracle. Faith is accepting when one doesn’t arrive.

Faith is trusting the check will come in the mail. Faith is putting a check in the mail.

Faith is standing firm in the face of opposition. Faith is retreating into arms of love.

For me…

It was faith that gave me peace when my dad was diagnosed. It was faith that gave me courage to believe he would live. It was faith that enabled me to receive his death. It is faith that empowers me to continue believing death and sickness are healable.

It was faith that emboldened me to write a book. Faith demanded we write a check to pay for the publishing. It is by faith that I believe that effort will matter in the earth. It is faith which allows me to accept how ever few or many copies sell.

It ALL necessitates faith.

None of which is inferior…

None the Lesser.

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