To the Husbands… (and future husbands) – Jeremy Austill
To the Husbands…
(and future husbands)
I am writing this on a random Wednesday in the middle of December. My wedding anniversary is five months away and my wife’s birthday is approximately three months away. We are two months away from Valentine’s Day. There is no special occasion prompting me to adorn my wife with praise or recent occurrence, which elicited a surge of gratitude. I simply want to speak to husbands for a moment from my perspective.

I was twenty years old when Michelle and I married. We began dating when I was seventeen years old. At that stage of life I was insecure, uncomfortable in my own skin, not especially studious, and certainly not a high achiever. I didn’t come from great wealth nor was I from a family able to lay claim to some monumental feat. I was not tangibly talented nor was I a public speaking prodigy. (Remind me to tell you sometime about how I finished LAST PLACE in the preaching category at a Fine Arts Festival). I showed no signs of being especially disciplined or driven, and my teenage resume resembled that of a wall flower more than an alpha. With the exception of the intangible sense that I was called to preach, verified by numerous people through my childhood and teen years, I was JAG (Just Another Guy).

Somewhere within the deficiency of a sure thing, a guaranteed winner, or awe inspiring traits, Michelle saw something. Maybe she could explain it, but in retrospect, she took a risk with me. She bet her life on me. Certainly not all bets are the same as some are safer than others. Yes, she “fell in love” with me, but along the way she made a calculated choice to allow herself to go there because she felt I was trustworthy with her future. Maybe this is the best way I can explain the decision to marry someone…

You are betting your life on that person. You are entrusting your future…your hopes…your dreams…your comfort…your emotions…your talent…your potential…

To wake up every day as a husband…a good husband…is to wake up desiring to make her bet pay off. Yes, everything I do is worship unto the Lord, but it never escapes my mind that my every day assignment is to validate Michelle’s decision to marry me. She entrusted me with so much. I want her to feel as if she saw something no one else really saw twenty years ago, and I long for her reward to be great. She believed in me in a way that required perception, intuition and a lot of faith. I want to make her look brilliant.

Husbands…wake up every day with a desire to make your wife’s bet pay off.

Guys…someone is going to bet on you, decide now you will validate her bet.

Girls…marry a man trustworthy of your entire future.

Guys & Girls…When choosing someone to bet on, see past the obvious.

I’m not the perfect husband and Michelle tends to give me too much credit, but I can’t go wrong wanting to honor her initial decision with a lifetime of my own good decisions in return.

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