Suddenly – Jeremy Austill

In less than three weeks, hundreds of students and leaders will converge at Opryland Hotel for The Movement Conference. I absolutely love these set aside sacred assemblies when we come together for the purpose of encounter.

It is humbling and inspiring to witness so many life-altering moments happening almost simultaneously. For decades to come, stories will be told by those in attendance, of how God met them at a convention center in 2017.

As I reflect on my life there are numerous memory stones, sovereignly constructed, marking those moments on my personal timeline where I intersected with divine purpose. These markers represent the suddenness of God.

You are familiar with suddenly I’m sure. As a fellowship we hang our proverbial hat on one particular suddenly in Acts 2. However, if you are like me, you are also familiar with a particular tension. The Kingdom of God, within its borders, has process as well as suddenly.

To be a healthy citizen of God’s Kingdom is to be flexible enough, pliable enough, to hold onto both with equal fervor.

To maintain a consistent faithfulness, allowing process ample room to become fruition…

To contend with resolute determination for the suddenness of God to breakthrough and overturn the verdict…

To be diligent, that process has time…

To be unwavering, that a suddenly is coming…

The Movement Conference will be full of those suddenly moments, but the aftermath will require the steady patience of process.

As you read this, you may find yourself in a strain. Maybe you are looking at circumstances, which have remained unchanged for a lengthy duration of time. Maybe you’ve seen so much, that mustering up a belief for suddenly has become arduous. Maybe you’ve ceased in truly contending for a suddenly…somewhere along the journey your heart for suddenly broke down and was left on the side of the road. Maybe a suddenly hasn’t come and you are questioning the process. Maybe your suddenly didn’t show up and you are questioning yourself.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, be encouraged today! The Lord is right in the middle of both the suddenly and the process.

What’s worse than a suddenly not showing up on your doorstep?

No longer contending for a suddenly because of disappointment, frustration or hope deferred is what is worse. The beautiful irony of God’s Kingdom way is this…typically, unwavering diligence and faith in process leads
to more frequent suddenly moments.

We don’t usually find suddenly so much as suddenly finds those who are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing with a heart of delightful hope.

Let it be said of us that we were wide eyed with possibility, unwavering in our belief that God will, and. willing to be patient until He does.

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