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Tote the Jug

An article by Derek Robertson, student pastor at Living Word Fellowship in Savannah, TN. An encouragement derived from when Rebekah “qualified” herself as the future wife of Isaac and became a part of the lineage of Jesus.

Derek Robertson

Tote the Jug with EXCELLENCE

When you catch a moment, read Genesis 24:1-23. It was the time of the day that the young women would come to draw water. On this particular day, Rebekah did what was customary. She didn’t do anything special. She did exactly what every other person would have done.

She met a man at the well who had been traveling and offered him a drink. But notice that Rebekah went one step further and exemplified the trait that marks her as extraordinary. She went above and beyond the normal, customary expectations and duties. She not only offered the servant a drink, but she also drew water for every camel.

She simply saw a need, and the spirit of excellence in her demanded that the need be met. Your environment may be tough. Your area of service may seem to be under-appreciated work, but you must have an excellent spirit in all that you do. Even if compromise or mediocrity is encouraged or accepted, go ahead and raise the standard.

When You Tote the Jug, You Will Be REWARDED

What you do when no one is around, God will reward openly. Those that serve are SEEN by God and those that serve SEE God.  Pastor Steven Furtick asked a powerful question when he referenced the first miracle that Jesus ever performed: turning water into wine.  He asked: “Who saw it happen?” Only the servants who were willing to get the water saw the miracle.

If you want to see God work on your behalf, don’t just show up at a worship service and sit and soak: serve. I also want to note that although Rebekah’s reward was tangible, it was also so much more than just a little gold. If she had refused to serve, she would’ve missed her destiny. Rebekah could have missed out on being in the lineage of Christ due to a moment of laziness or selfishness. Christ came through the line of her husband and her favorite son, Jacob.

What if your destiny could be gained or lost by one moment of excellent service? What if your mark on history could be forever lost due to an unwillingness to serve because of busyness, laziness, distraction, or other excuses?

When You Tote the Jug, Heavy Lifting Will Accompany

One man did the following computation:

10 camels drinking an average of 40 gallons of water each, equals 400 gallons of water. The common water jar of that day held only 5 gallons. To give every camel 40 gallons of water required 80 trips to the well. 1 gallon of water weighs 8 lbs. 400 gallons equals 3,200 lbs. of water. Get that in your mind and spirit. If these calculations are even close to accurate, the job Rebekah did was an incredible feat.

This wasn’t a quick task; it took her hours. She sacrificed hours out of her schedule, late in the evening. She didn’t quit halfway in or when she got tired. She stayed in there and got the job done even though it was exhausting and painful. When the job gets hard, when it’s tough, when you feel like quitting…remember Rebekah.

When you’ve changed the last diaper you ever want to change, or dealt with the last parent of a teenager you ever want to deal with…remember Rebekah.

When you’ve smiled at the last visitor you ever want to greet, taken up the last offering bucket, sung the last note…remember Rebekah.

When you’ve brewed the last cup of coffee, or helped the last person you ever want to help…remember Rebekah.

When your jugs get heavy and the walk to the well is too long…remember Rebekah.

Your service allows you to see Jesus, and others will see Him in your service.  As you walk to your well with your jug today…remember Rebekah.


  • Corey Blouin says:

    Reading this and the first scripture that comes to mind is Colossians 3:23. “Whatever you do, work with all your heart as if it was being done unto the Lord.” All things we do should be considered offering to Him and Rebekah is an excellent example of this. The promise in Col. 3 is an inheritance and I think Rebekah was given hers.

    I love it.

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