Time… – Jeremy Austill

Time is not the ticking of
the clock…Long before mankind devised a system for keeping track of the
rotation of the earth and its journey around the sun, time existed. Time is
timeless, eternal, and intrinsically intertwined with our Triune God. Time is
not a deity but an entity of greater substance than a human construct. Time is
an enigma, a mystery, equally perceived as a friend and foe. 

Our attempts to grip time in our controlling hands fatefully position us in a losing battle. The more forcefully we try to subdue time, the more strain our soul feels. The abuse on time by hurry and impatience is tragic.

Time is undefeated…Time is not to be conquered, capitalized on, or even managed…while those are noble endeavors…

Time is to be received as a gift. 

Time is not slipping through our fingers, but is being offered to us as that which transforms the mundane into splendid treasures. Time bestows context and bequeaths gravity. A statement made in the presence of many, has a different ring to my wife who I have journeyed with for over 20 years. A story from our past, recounted to others, may elicit one emotional response from the group. However, the one who was beside me in that memory, she may laugh with joy while simultaneously sensing a tinge of sorrow for the time gone by, and equally a measure of fulfillment for all our life was during that season. The passing of time is not an inevitability to be feared but a grace to be celebrated for it gives meaning beyond the surface. He who would claim an eternal perspective cannot view time as running out but rather leading toward…toward understanding, fulfillment, hope, rest. 

The artists, poets and musicians of our day create a template of sounds and lyric within which our souls reach to the heavens in adoration. Time is the template of the ultimate creator/artist…the framework within which we are endowed the privilege and opportunity to extend the fibers of our being in unabashed affection. Time is the music of our great virtuoso of a Composer/Conductor. You don’t conquer it…you listen to its lyrics…you dance with its melody…you consider its complex layers…You sing along with delight.

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