The Church is Not for Exploitation – Jeremy Austill
The Church is Not for Exploitation

It seems the popular trend is for Christians to come, hat in hand, to the “world” apologizing for all the wrongs found in the church.

Along the way, make sure you aren’t inadvertently apologizing for being Christian.

Make sure you aren’t doing this for some twisted “attaboy”.

Make sure you aren’t cowing down for some sense of validation from a crumbling, temporal, inferior system.

Make sure you aren’t operating in shame, or embarrassment, or appeasement.

Make sure you aren’t bending your knee to a new idol.

I say this not with hubris, but the humbling reality of Christ at the forefront of my thoughts. Even in our great imperfection, the church is not inferior to this world. We have this precious treasure in the field. We are jars of clay, the contents within, of the richest fare.

Certainly we are flawed, but that doesn’t make us frauds. The beauty of our faith is that we aren’t subject to cancellation in our failure, for the Lamb has cancelled our sins.

Yes, we have a distinct command to live as citizens of heaven, better than the ways of the world. But this is not an authorization for exploitation.

Some in our faith have built quite the following by consistently criticizing the church and apologizing to the “world” for our incongruence.

Certainly we need prophets to call the church unto herself.

Just make sure you aren’t trying to capitalize off the church’s weakness. At that point you are just another variation of the perversion you are so quick to rebuke. Just another person begging for scraps from the table of a “world” that will never see you as anything more than a dog, no matter how well you roll over and sit.

Just remember, with no hint of arrogance and a heart dripping with humility…no gloating or boasting…

This “world” will not last. It will fall apart in a million ways.

But this Kingdom of which you are a citizen, has no end.

This church, flawed, is a bride being loved into perfection by the Groom.

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