“I Know” – Jeremy Austill
“I Know”

Thoughts derived from Ephesians 1:6-8

So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son. He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins. He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. (Ephesians 1:6-8)

Do you ever have the gnawing sensation of being sub-standard? The heightened awareness of your deficiency and a sensitivity to the lengthy list of imperfections?

In light of the expanse of God’s greatness it is understandable that self evaluation is at times painful. Through years of observing my own behavior and the ebb and flow of my interaction with the Lord, clearly defined patterns became obvious. It is almost reflexive, when we feel less than, the tendency is to retract. However, the appropriate response to our weakness is the counter intuitive response.

When we sense we have wronged someone or there is tension in the relationship it is second nature to shift into avoidance. You see them and your eyes dart in search of an exit from the discomfort. When it comes to the Lord, escape is a dangerous practice. Avoidance is drastically more detrimental than the weakness causing the shame. In consideration of God’s omniscience it seems somewhat foolish to hide in the bushes looking for fig leaves.

As I navigate my way through the beginning phases of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians a clear theme surfaces. That theme is found in the above mentioned verses.

Let’s review…

“glorious grace He has poured on us” / “rich in kindness” / “rich in grace” / “purchased our freedom” / “forgave our sins” / “showered his kindness on us” / “showered us with all wisdom and understanding”

I find it increasingly difficult to read and meditate on these sentiments and do anything but move toward God. There is a crazy amount of love within these words. These verses are saturated in goodness.

As a dad, a preeminent focus is to deeply ingrain in my children how loved they are…by me, their mom and the Lord. I want my kids to know beyond a shadow of doubt, I love them.

One of my favorite happenings as a parent is when I say I love you to my son. Often he responds with the typical “I love you too.” However, occasionally he responds “I know.”

Right now, for his mental and spiritual health, it is more important that he “I knows” than he “I love you too’s”.

It’s as if Paul is saying at the initiation of this letter, “before we can deal with anything else you must begin with the foundation of how incredibly good God is to you…how much he is for you…how much he loves you.”

The first revelation is of being loved. The ways of God’s Kingdom and life in Christ bursts forth with vibrancy from this revelation.

Today…as a son…I am grateful for and bask in the grace, kindness,
freedom, forgiveness, and ultimately, love, that God is showering on me.

The funny thing about the shower/pour terminology is that when it rains we typically like to use an umbrella or a pancho of sorts to avoid being
saturated. That keeps us looking dignified and put together.

I want to drop the umbrella of shame…of performance…of works…of earning…

I am becoming increasingly aware of what it is God is attempting to soak me with…

He Loves Me.


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