I’m no fan of Tom Brady… – Jeremy Austill

Tom Brady is the GOAT!!! Tom
Brady is the GOAT!!! Tom Brady is the GOAT!!!

(**GOAT = Greatest Of All Time)

If, after last night’s Super
Bowl victory by the New England Patriots, you logged onto Twitter or watched
post game commentary the sentiment was wide spread. Hand him the crown, bestow
upon him the purple robe, bow and kiss the ring of the king of football
history, Tom Brady. In the “captive to the moment” society in which we live,
where everyone wants to be the first and loudest to say what the majority is
thinking, we often fail to view and adequately perceive the entire picture. For

Tom Brady is 5-2 in the
Super Bowl. In those 5 wins, Adam Vinatieri kicked two game winning field
goals. It is reasonable to say Tom Brady had the best big game kicker in NFL history
on his team. In 2 more of those wins, Brady was the beneficiary of a couple of
the worst coaching decisions in league history. Seattle, with Marshawn Lynch,
one of the most determined, tough to tackle running backs in the last decade
lined up in the backfield, chose to throw the ball from the one-yard line…the
ball was intercepted by the unheralded Malcolm Butler. Last night, the Falcons
had the ball deep in New England territory with under four minutes on the
clock. If they run the ball three times and kick a field goal they go up by two scores and most likely
win the game. The Falcons coaching staff chose to throw the ball…sack…next
play, holding call…out of field goal range…punt…the rest is history.

All of the
above is stated with the under current that most regard Bill Bellichek as the
greatest coach of his era and maybe of all time. Let us not forget, New England
was 3-1 while Brady sat out due to suspension (which is a joke that a guy got
suspended for a presumed deflated football). In 2008, Tom Brady was injured and
missed pretty much the entire season. Matt Cassel led the Patriots to an 11-5
record…Matt Cassel.

Beyond the specifics of
Brady’s career, the conversation about a QB being the GOAT is one that is
utterly inconclusive. In every single outing, there are two-thirds of the game
in which the QB has absolutely no control. A QB cannot help a bad defense or a
botched kick, nor is it necessarily legitimate to claim all-time greatness when
so many variables have to line up in one’s favor to win a game, let alone Super
Bowls. This doesn’t even dive into how effective a franchise is at putting
together a roster capable of winning not just once but year in and year out. It
is one thing to say Michael Jordan is the GOAT. He played both ends of the
floor. Not only was he a prolific scorer, but he was arguably the most dominant defender during his era as well. He
had substantial control over almost every variable, even roster moves. We could
debate til the cows come home about the greatness of quarterbacks in light of
the hands they were dealt. I am certain of this, Tom Brady is not the most
talented QB to ever suit up.

Having said all of the
above, those who know me well are likely chuckling. When it comes to Tom Brady,
I drink from a never-ending fountain of Haterade. It is an artesian
well…and it gushes forth a Peyton Manning orange hued liquid. I am
biased…100%…no ifs, ands or buts about it. I don’t cheer for Tom Brady
because of Peyton Manning. Period. End of sentence. Nonetheless, in my utter
bias, the argument above sounds reasonable. It comes across somewhat logical.
The points are worth consideration. And every one of them is steeped in a desire
to invalidate Tom Brady. I started with that goal in mind. It makes me wonder,
how many areas of my life do I function in a similar manner? Whether in the
temporary of sports, the hot button of politics or the eternal of theology, how many times do I come to a
discussion with my mind so set that I cannot consider another way? How many
times have I made reasonable arguments and took logic laden stances that were
rooted in a pre-established train of thought? How many times have I argued
simply because I did not want to be wrong, because to be wrong would diminish something I held dear? When it comes to Jesus, I will always be 100% biased and
will not waver. But there are a million other details in the life of faith,
politics and general existence that demand I set aside bias so I can learn or
empathize or be changed for the better. At times I am stubborn…at times I am
not 100% certain I am right but I dig in my heels anyway because to be wrong is
threatening and pokes at my insecurities.

Is Tom Brady the GOAT? Let
me say it this way, it is hard to argue anyone else is…that’s as close to an
admission as you will get from me on this matter…haha

**Side note: Tom Brady said before the game he was
playing for his sick mother. I won’t presume to know her illness but it seems
dire. He is about my age. I lost my dad and nothing reminds me more of that
fact than the Super Bowl, which was a holiday in my dad’s home. Even though I
am “no fan of Tom Brady”, his humanity is very real to me. Regardless of his on
field greatness, he is not immune to pain, disappointment, fear and sorrow. He
loves his mama. I loved my dad. I feel for Tom Brady today…he isn’t a football
star. He is a son, worried about his mom, and I sincerely hope he wins many
more years with her…

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