The Politics of Jesus (Selah) – Jeremy Austill

This truth is firmly established throughout the Gospels and Epistles, those who follow Jesus are citizens of the Kingdom of God. It is also understood this citizenship is of higher priority than our natural citizenship within a nation or state. The government of God supersedes the government of man. Our loyalty to the ways of God’s Kingdom has preeminence over our dedication to a nation. Yet even within these clear facts we often find tension. As we inaugurate a new President tomorrow, we are presented with an opportune moment to Selah and ask Holy Spirit some questions about the “politics of Jesus and His Kingdom”. This is not meant to be antagonistic or presented as a challenge. Nor is it meant as a discussion starter…other than to provoke conversation with Holy Spirit. The following are questions I am forced to ask myself as we look at the ever moving world in which we live. As I said, as followers of Jesus and reflections of His Kingdom, we have a responsibility to occasionally step away from the rhetoric, hot takes, social media firestorm and entrenched thinking and ask Holy Spirit to teach us all things…He is the best teacher in the universe. (Even better than Facebook’s plethora of memes and endless stream of videos.)

In light of the Gospels and the heart of scripture, what is the Kingdom of God’s stance on…

Abortion? (selah)

War? (selah)

Refugees? (selah)

Gun Control? (selah)

Welfare? (selah)

Gay Marriage? (selah)

Health Care? (selah)

Immigration? (selah)

Death Penalty? (selah)

Civil Rights and Race relations? (selah)

There are many other issues I could have mentioned, but these are currently prominent in society. In many instances, our stance on these issues may be in alignment with the Kingdom of God. However, each issue and scenario has texture, layers and require a heart that lines up with the fruit of Holy Spirit. It is possible to have the correct stance but a wrong heart…Selah, one more time.

**I understand there are professing believers in Jesus who sit on both sides of each of these questions…please don’t assume my stance, that I am making a particular statement or that I am straying away from fundamental, core beliefs. I have a social media friends list that represents a wide array of thoughts. Some with whom I agree, and others I do not.

**To give clarity for any who may be concerned and avoid confusion for those who are at a crossroads on these issues…I am anti-abortion and anti-Gay Marriage. A million articles could be written on both matters, but again, for clarity and simplicity’s sake, I am firm in my belief that abortion is sin and homosexuality is sin. There are explicit biblical statements and a heart behind scripture from which I draw my conclusions. On those two matters, I do not want to be open ended in this writing.

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