Patience, I was wrong about you – Jeremy Austill

**More political thoughts during inauguration week…

In the aftermath of the November Presidential election it seemed chaos and division reigned. Historians will reflect on this era of our nation and draw a plethora of conclusions, most of which will be skewed by their particular ideologies. As someone in a place of spiritual leadership, I found one particular facet of the elections especially fascinating. Patience, or the lack thereof, played a substantial role in the outcome which led to Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House. 

Patience is a virtue I admire. In younger years I often relabeled patience as an undesirable trait. I convinced myself, what others called patience, was nothing more than lethargy and a lack of ambition. It is amazing how years lived changes one’s perspective. As it pertains to the November race for the Oval Office, a lack of patience became a center piece around which the Democratic Party spiraled. 

There have been rumors and innuendos through the years that various coalitions and secret meetings have been formed for the purpose of shaping the culture of our nation. I am no conspiracy theorist, but upon further inspection of the shifting and changing of our society through the last 50 years, there is credence to the idea that some with liberal leanings pooled their assorted brain power and resources with the goal of creating an American society that more accurately reflects their ideals. And their plan has been working. Our nation is vastly different than it was during my formative years. I can only imagine what older generations feel as they reflect on what once was…

The plan to “liberalize” our society had been on a slow, consistent, seemingly unceasing path to success. It was a seed which had spent decades germinating and was very recently glaringly sticking out of the ground and bearing fruit. Then the “movement” got greedy…impatient. During the last 8 years, especially the most recent 4, it seemed the process was accelerated. The efforts and rhetoric became more brazen. The message lost its softer edges and took on a condescending, elite, braggadocios tone. Legacies were on the line and with so much assumed power in our government, the agenda was pushed with greater force.

What these elections revealed, to a degree, is the movement of liberalizing our society became impatient and wanted it all now…quickly…forcefully. The reaction was a populace rising up and electing a man no one imagined had a chance. The assumption was Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency and forge ahead sealing the deal on a decades long dream. The reality was, the shift from subtle and methodical to blatant and aggressive cost Hillary and the Democrats an election that most assumed would be a landslide victory. I am convinced, if President Obama and his party would have maintained the more subtle, patient progression, Clinton would be the first woman President of the United States. As is, she lost and we can all learn from the experience.

Patience…I used to think it impeded progress.

Patience…I was sure wrong about you…sorry about that.

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