Let Your Heart Go Free (Dream) – Jeremy Austill

What is God’s dream for you?


If we call Him a good Father then this
is the only acceptable dream He can have for my life. There is nothing in this
galaxy or 10,000 galaxies that compares to His splendor. There is nothing in
the heavens above or the earth below which can be correlated to the majesty of
His stature. There is no entity known or unknown, as immeasurable in desirable
attributes. His love is high, long, wide and deep. His knowledge is beyond our
capacity. His ways defy our reasoning. His mercy is unquenchable. His peace challenges
our understanding. His joy is unspeakable of full of Glory….

I’m a dad. I would
like to think I am a good dad, although I assume time will ultimately tell the
tale. In my finite fatherhood, I carry in my heart great hopes and dreams for
the little boy and girl that sleep down the hall. I crave the best for them
both. Comparing my temporal fatherly desires to our eternal Father, it only
seems fitting He would have hopes and dreams for us of the utmost in
quality. Simply stated, Yahweh can dream no bigger for me than Himself. The
best, wildest, most incredible dream he can imagine is Himself. He would be
less than, as a dad, to dream something substandard to Himself.

Deeply consider this reality, God’s
dream for you is not about the work you do for Him but more so the measure of
Him you take on and allow to saturate your life. I understand in this moment
the achiever, the accomplisher, the doer of the word is likely cringing and
preparing a barrage of counter arguments. It would be easy to cherry pick from
the Bible and say “what about this? Or “what about that?”

I know that portion of me certainly
struggles with the notion that God is content with me and doesn’t limit His
perception of me to what I produce for Him. It is the American in me. It is the
earner…the “you get what you deserve”…That portion of who I am contends in a
moment like this. You can evaluate the tension and continue assuming it is
reasonable thinking and theology, because it fits the cultural narrative, or
you can settle into the truth that God is most interested in you and not as
much the harvest you yield. Yes, we have responsibility. Yes we have a mission.
Yes we have a Great Commission. But remember, doing, not derived from being is
hard labor breeding exhaustion and frustration. Do I want you to have a great
ministry, a good job, tremendous success, and remarkable productivity?
Absolutely! I am pausing right now to pray those things for you as you read…

 It just seems to me, in the designs of
God, he built us with a mechanism of satisfaction that is only legitimately
triggered by connectivity to Him. As humans we have a mental hurdle with this
because when we create, it is primarily for the purpose of productivity or
success or money. We create a machine to accomplish a job. We create a gadget
to make life more convenient. We create a product that will enhance our
business. God created us for his delight. He did not create us for productivity
because He doesn’t need us for the purpose of accomplishment. In the scope of
eternity, we are unnecessary to “get God’s job done”. Certainly, he has devised
a system in the earth in which he uses our sowing to yield a harvestable
produce. However, His truest dream is for you to have Him…to the full.
Everything else leaves us lacking.

 Drink it in one more time…

God’s dream for you is Him…

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