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  • **Excerpt from a project I am working on… I am going to begin with what some may use as a rebuttal to the coming thoughts. Depending on your preferred Bible translation, you likely have this verse etched in your memory with particular phrasing. I grew up primarily with the KJV so in my
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  • I stumbled across the above quote a few weeks ago and it spoke to a tension I have been experiencing for quite some time. On the surface this seems like a simple thought. As a leader one must be able to perceive falsehood in the world and contend against said falsehood. However, it is the
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  • An excerpt from a project I am working on… I have been a born again Christian since I was 5 years old. At least according to my mother although I don’t really have remembrance of the specific moment I surrendered myself over to the life of Christ. At the age of 15 I sensed an intense
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Jeremy Austill

Thank you for visiting my site. In recent years I have sensed the assignment of my life gravitating toward investing in the soul health and rich spiritual formation of God's people. Through the art of writing, it is my hope to befriend you and join you on a journey toward all that Jesus makes available for those the Father calls sons and daughters.

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  • Recap Video // What a special two days!
  • This is what revival looks like...
{On the prayer board at a local church in Smithville, TN}
  • Days like this were made for writing a book. #EvenBetter
  • Being friends with Iain and Kassy Swisher has its benefits! πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š
  • Little stop tonight at Snow White Drive-In, found in Lebanon, TN... 🀀
  • The Christmas action at our house these days...

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